How to plan my course?

Welcome! The purpose of this UNIPS module is to facilitate the planning and development of constructively aligned courses, and it is aimed for university teachers, doctoral students, and all the academic personnel with teaching duties and interest in teaching and learning. The material of this module consists of five learning videos and assignments related, and literature, of which some is optional. All the materials are open for self-study. This module is also available for guided study (1 ECTS), for this option, please contact your own university.


After taking this module, you are able to analyze and plan your own teaching comprehensively based on the principles of constructive alignment, and compile a course plan, that is:

  • Carry out core curriculum/content analysis about your course
  • Formulate learning outcomes for your course
  • Choose suitable teaching and learning methods, and assessment methods for your course
  • Calculate (reasonable) study time allocation and workload for your course
  • Make pedagogical choices and decisions when planning your teaching and argue for them

Self-study materials

This module is about planning a course according to principles of constructive alignment. Constructive alignment in course planning means, that all the elements of the course, e.g. content, teaching and learning activities, and assessment methods, are aligned, facilitating the students in achieving the intended learning outcomes. The themes of this module are 1) Core content analysis, 2) Learning outcomes, 3) Teaching methods, 4) Assessment methods, and 5) Workload and study time allocation. This module guides you to plan your own course according to the principles of constructive alignment. Let's start planning your course! Watch the videos and do the assignments related. There is also additional, optional literature related available, that can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you want to learn more about the theoretical basis of planning teaching and constructive alignment, please see also the How to plan my teaching -module. If you are interested in working life contacts and collaboration, please see also Creating and utilizing working life contacts -module.







  • Marshall, S., Ketteridge, S., & Fry, H. (2009). A Handbook for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Enhancing Academic Practice. Book available as an ebook, search your own university's library.
  • Karjalainen, A. (Ed.) (2003). Akateeminen Opetussuunnitelmatyö. (Academic Curriculum Design). (In Finnish). Link to book
  • Hussey, T. & Smith, P. (2003) The Uses of Learning Outcomes. Teaching in Higher Education 8(3), 357-368.

Guided study

Contact your own University for information regarding guided studies based on the materials.

Spring 2019: The online course How to plan my course? (1ECTS) is available in Tampere Universities, LUT University, the University of Turku and the University of Eastern Finland.


Content: Johanna Naukkarinen, Lappeenranta University of Technology; Eila Pajarre, Tampere University of Technology; Virve Pekkarinen, Aalto University & Sara Selänne, Tampere University of Technology. Videos: Johanna Naukkarinen, Eila Pajarre, Virve Pekkarinen, Sara Selänne, Virve Ranta (Editing and animation, Aalto University), Lassi Salo (Sound design, Aalto Studios), Aku Koskinen (Cinematography, Aalto Studios), Helena Bäckman (Production, Aalto Studios)