How to plan my teaching

Mari Murtonen, University Researcher, Adjunct Professor in University pedagogy, University of Turku

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Taking this module gives you competencies to: Understand the basic elements of planning of teaching; Use learning-focused approach in the planning of your teaching; Plan constructively aligned teaching and collaborate with your colleagues in the planning of teaching

SELF-STUDY: study the materials below (take the quizz, watch the video and read the articles 1-3).

ARTICLE 1: Postareff, L. & Lindblom-Ylänne, S. 2008. Variation in teachers’ descriptions of teaching: Broadening the understanding of teaching in higher education. Learning and Instruction 18 (2008) 109-120. Link to the article
ARTICLE 2: Trigwell, K. & Prosser, M. 2014. Qualitative variation in constructive alignment in curriculum design. Higher Education 02/2014; 67(2), 141-154. Link to the article
ARTICLE 3: Entwistle, N. & Nisbet, J. 2013. The nature and experience of academic understanding. The Psychology of Education Review 37 (1), 5—14. Link to the article

GUIDED STUDY: Contact your own University for information regarding guided studies based on the materials.