How to plan my teaching

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Taking this module gives you competencies to:

  • Understand the basic elements of planning of teaching
  • Use learning-focused approach in the planning of your teaching
  • Plan constructively aligned teaching and collaborate with your colleagues in the planning of teaching

Self-study materials

If you want to study independently take the quiz and watch the video about a model that supports you to plan your teaching. Read also articles 1-3. All the materials are available for self-study. If you want to earn credits contact your own University to ask possibility for guided study. Please note: the aim of the quiz is to support you to reflect your thoughts and approaches to teaching and the results are not "absolut truths"!


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Read more:

  • Gijbels, D., Van de Watering, G., Dochy, F. & Van den Bossche, P. 2005. The relationship between students’ approaches to learning and the assessment of learning outcomes. European Journal of Psychology of Education, 2005, Vol. 20(4), 327-341.

Guided study

GUIDED STUDY: Contact your own University for information regarding guided studies based on the materials.


Content: Mari Murtonen, Professor of Higher Education Pedagogy, University of Turku