Standards, guidelines and quality assurance in teaching and learning

Welcome! The purpose of this module is to familiarize yourself with the University as an operating environment for teaching and guidance. You will find out what principles and regulations guide your activity as a teacher. The core content of this module is:

  • Universities Act
  • Quality assurance and audits
  • Curriculum and curriculum work
  • Student guidance

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Taking this module gives you competencies to:

  • Explain the core principles of the University Act and apply them to your own work
  • Define the principles of quality assurance and apply them to the quality work of your own subject
  • Explain the principles of curriculum work and describe the curriculum process in your own subject
  • Explain what are typically students needs for guidance on the study path and how the teacher can support the student in meeting the challenges

Self-study materials

All the material on this website is available for self-study. Watch the videos, take the Quiz and check the web links. By answering the Learning Tasks by yourself, you can deepen your knowledge and apply what you have learned into your own teaching

Tips for taking the Quiz:
- Option 1: Use the Quiz as a pretest, then familiarise yourself with the Universities Act and do the Quiz again to check what you have learned.
- Option 2: First familiarise yourself with the Universities Act and after that take the Quiz to check what you have learned.
Practice as many times you like.

Universities Act Quiz


Learning Tasks

Guided study

Contact your own University for information regarding guided studies based on the materials.


Authors: Hilla Aurén & Marja-Liisa Saarilammi, Finnish Education Evaluation Centre; Hanna Nori, University of Turku; Leena Penttinen & Ulla Ritvanen, University of Eastern Finland;  Susanna Taimitarha, Hanken School of Economics; Minna Vuorio-Lehti, University of Turku