In this section, you will learn the basic principles of collaborative learning and teacher’s role and responsibilities in supporting it. To achieve this objective, you are provided two short video lectures. The first one describes the essentials of collaborative learning, knowledge co-construction, and regulation of group processes. The second, in turn, concentrates on teacher’s role in collaborative learning.

Alongside the videos comes a set of questions that serve for two purposes: First, they orientate you for the key themes, topics, and terms of the lectures. Second, providing answers in your own words helps You to outline, conceptualize, and concretize the content of the lectures.

Video 1: Collaborative learning – What actually happens inside the groups of learners?

  • What is meant by collaborative learning?
  • What is meant by knowledge co-construction?
  • What is meant by regulation of group processes?
  • What are the (possible) reasons for different levels of engagement in knowledge co-construction between active and passive groups?

Video 2: Teacher’s role in supporting collaborative learning

  • What is meant by pedagogical scripting and why it is important in collaborative learning?
  • What are the typical challenges in pedagogical scripting and how they can be overcome?
  • What are the four core elements in assessing collaborative learning and why they matter?