Pedagogics in digital learning

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Taking this module gives you competencies to:

  • Knowledge of how digital technology and university pedagogy are related.
  • Practical skills and ideas on how to support your teaching with digital tools.
  • An understanding of the challenges that digital technology asserts to concentration and learning.
  • Basic terminology regarding learning platforms and online learning.
  • Can describe, explain and give reasons, why digital tools and services are been used supporting the learning process.
  • Can recognize one's own skills and knowlegde in digipedagogic. Have some experiences on using digital tools and services.

Self-study materials

The module is cumulative by design, which means that things addressed and learned in one section are re-contextualized in the following one. Thus, you should to go through the materials on this webpage in the order you encounter them from top to bottom. Once you've gone through all the material, you should have obtained an understanding of the concerning topics. In case you want to obtain credits for your studies, please contact the UNIPS person in charge at your university.

Introduction to pedagogics in digital learning

This course will provide you basic skills on how to use Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPACK) -framework in designing technology enhanced teaching and learning. In practice, your task is to familiarize yourself to different aspects of TPACK and conduct a lesson plan by using the TPACK-model.

The following video introduces the basic principles of TPACK. Exercises are to be found below the video.


Now it is time to roll up the sleeves!

The exercises of the module can be assessed by clicking the purple icons on the TPACK-figure. The recommended order  is:

  1. Check out the demands for TPACK-lesson plan (center of the figure)
  2. Do the exercises related to pedagogical knowledge (yellow circle)
  3. Do the exercises related to content knowledge (blue circle)
  4. Do the exercises related to technological knowledge (purple circle)
  5. Conduct an actual TPACK-lesson plan (center of the figure)

Have fun!

Guided study


Content: Pekka Mertala, University of Oulu; Virve Pekkarinen, Aalto University; Martti Mäkinen, Hanken; Ulla Ritvanen, University of Eastern Finland; Paula Vaskuri, University of Oulu; Samuli Laato, University of Turku & Heidi Salmento, University of Turku