Creating and utilizing working life contacts

LEARNING OUTCOMES: After this module, a university teacher

  • Can describe how cooperation with working life benefits learning
  • Is able to create the connections with working life and knows different kind of means to gather and contact partners for cooperation
  • Is able to name and ideate different ways for co-operation with working life
  • Is able to imagine the responsibilities of different parties (university, teacher, employer, student)
  • Knows the basics of formulating the agreements in students' projects

Self-study materials

Creating and utilizing working life contacts plays an important role in a university degree – for example co-operation with the world of work during a course, or an internship period can bridge theoretical knowledge with practical skills that are needed in working life. Helping students to gain good working life skills benefit everyone:  students, the university, and the future employer. Click the questions in the figure below, and find the answers.


Video: What else to consider when utilizing working life contacts?


Read more

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  • Vihervaara, T. (2015). Yritysyhteistyö opetuksessa; Käytännön käsikirja yliopistoille ja yrityksille, Aalto-yliopisto (in Finnish)

Guided study

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Content: Paula Vaskuri, University of Oulu; Virve Pekkarinen, Aalto University; Eila Pajarre, Tampere University of Technology; Sara Selänne, Tampere University of Technology  & Terhi Virkki-Hatakka, Lappeenranta University of Technology