VANHA Project information


  • Funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Opetus - ja kulttuuriminsteriö)
  • One of the three divisions in the larger thematic project "Enhancing pedagogical and digital teaching and supervision skills in higher education"
  • Coordinated by University of Turku.
  • Leader: adjunct professor Mari Murtonen (University of turku)
  • The goal is to develop a common platform for University Pedagogical studies for all partner Universities.
  • The idea is based on a University of Turku pedagogical online learning project UTUPS,, which was created in 2015-2017 with Turku University strategy funding.

Pedagogical goals of the platform

  • Easy to use, easy to access
  • Relevant and interesting content
  • Creation of cooperative knowledge
  • Development of teachers self reflection and expert knowledge
  • Modelling pedagogical ideas

Partner universities


UTUPS modules (planned):

  • Becoming a teacher (already available)
  • Lecturing and expertise (already available)
  • How to plan my teaching? (already available)
  • How to plan my course?
  • Competency-based teaching and curriculum
  • Standards, guidelines and quality assurance in teaching and learning
  • Group processes in learning
  • Utilising the ideas of flipped learning
  • Pedagogics in digital learning
  • SPOCs and MOOCs in online education
  • Creating and utilizing working life contacts in learning and teaching
  • Entrepreneurial teaching and learning
  • Other modules to come

Key people

Meeting of the 8 partner universities in Turku 11.12.2017

University of Turku

Mari Murtonen

Heidi Salmento

Samuli Laato

Henna Vilppu

Ilona Södervik

Hanna Nori

Aalto University

Tampere University of Technology

Virve Pekkarinen

Eija Pajarre


Martti Mäkinen

Susanna Taimitarha

Alona Chemilewsky

University of Eastern Finland

University of Jyväskylä

Tuula Heide

Ulla Ritvanen

Anita Malinen

Auli Dahlström

Lappeenranta University of Technology

University of Oulu

Johanna Naukkarinen

Paula Vaskuri

Merja Maikkola